All Possible Realities Exist - OPEN Ealing

All Possible Realities Exist


Thursday 25th June 2015 -
Sunday 28th June 2015
10:30 am - 7:00 pm

Welshore Hub,
99 Broadway, W13 9BP

All Possible Realities Exist explores the nature of abstraction. The artistic process continually develops and constructs realities unto itself. Laws of physics are remade into new universes that exist equally to our own. Colours and form create dimensions that facilitates a question of what we perceive. Each artist has a different perspective of reality, and convey this through abstraction.


As we gain more information about the universe, the less observable and the more complicated it becomes. Abstraction enables possibilities that otherwise would not be accessible. It evolves not only by process but by

society’s discoveries too. Painting demonstrates an infinite number of realities which must be evidence that not only is the future infinite, but the present must be too.


OPEN View: Thursday 25th June 7pm-9:30pm


Exhibition continues till Sunday 28th


Artists exhibited:


Benjamin Bridges



Nadja Gabriela Plein




Jack Jones




Zdenek Konvalina







Miles Watson