22 July - O' Grady Court - Mosaic unveiling - OPEN Ealing

22 July – O’ Grady Court – Mosaic unveiling

05 Jul 22 July – O’ Grady Court – Mosaic unveiling

On Friday 22 July, a happy few will attend the official unveiling of a beautiful mosaic piece to be affixed in O’Grady Court’s garden for the residents’ enjoyment. During last May half term, we ran workshops getting children in the shoes of famous artists. One of them was led by Rosanna Henderson, Ealing mosaic artist, who got the children to create a collaborative piece.

Working as a team to produce a work of art, the children were happy to know it would then be donated to the residents of O’Grady Court right at the heart of West Ealing.  Catalyst staff and residents have been enthusiastic about the project from the very start. This ceremony will be the opportunity to celebrate the community spirit of our borough, to engage Ealingers across generations and to emphasise the role of arts as a cement between people.