AIRPLAY - Radio scripts competition - OPEN Ealing

AIRPLAY – Radio scripts competition

20 Dec AIRPLAY – Radio scripts competition

Writers required…

AirPlay is a search for a new radio drama or sitcom. The winning entry will be professionally recorded and broadcast in its entirety on Resonance 104.4FM and hosted on the London Literary Pub Crawl website.


The Maverick Theatre Company has always been about access to the arts.  And now we’re looking to create access for new writers keen to work in radio.

With the help of London arts radio station Resonance 104.4fm, The London Literary Pub Crawl and OPEN Ealing, we are launching a competition to find a new radio drama or comedy to be recorded and broadcast on Resonance 104.4fm and the London Literary Pub Crawl website.

Four writers will be chosen to have 10 minutes extracts of their scripts read in public by professional actors in Ealing, London, on Saturday 14th January.  After the readings, there will be an open discussion with the audience, actors, director and the writers. Don’t worry if you live overseas.  We shall host you on Skype!

The evening will be recorded and broadcast on the Resonance 104.4 fm radio show, Literary London (Fridays 7pm – 8pm, repeated Weds 7am – 8am) and listeners invited to vote for their favourite play or comedy.

The winning entry will be professionally recorded and then broadcast in its entirety on Resonance 104.4FM and hosted on the London Literary Pub Crawl website.  All four shortlisted plays will be published in play form in a book after the event.

What shall I write about?

Anything you want. But the finished script should be no longer than forty-five minutes and there should be one to five actors.  Maverick is about attracting new audiences to the arts, so make it accessible and vibrant. Also, although no subject is taboo, the winners will be broadcast before the 9pm watershed so there should be no bad language.

Who can enter?

Anyone, young or old, as long as you haven’t had more than one professional commission in either radio, TV, or theatre.

How do I enter?

Send a synopsis of no more than one page of A4 and a 2 minute scene from your piece – roughly two pages – to, by 5th January, 2017.  In addition, and we’re sorry about this, there will be a £5 charge per script – maximum of 10 entries per writer. This is to facilitate the administration. (We’re not funded although we’re hoping to get a sponsor for this in future!)  Click on the PayPal button below, make the payment, then include your receipt with your submission. One payment for each play. YOU DON’T NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  You can use any credit or debit card.

Can I come to the rehearsed reading and discussion on Sat 14th January, 2017 even if I’m not a writer ?

Absolutely. OPEN Ealing are selling tickets to the night on their website.  Tickets are £12 adults / £10 concessions (JSAs, OAPs, Students).  Tickets are limited, so it might be a good idea to book a.s.a.p.  But if you can get in, there’s also food available. And we’ll probably end up in a pub afterwards! So make a night of it! Not only can you be on the radio, it should also be a great event.

Any catches?

Not really. The winner will receive a copy of their professionally produced play, and all shortlisted winners will receive 2 guest VIP tickets to the reading at the Orchard Café in West Ealing.  Copyright will remain with the writer, but we reserve the right to publish the winning plays in a book within 12 months of the competition.

Any questions?