Abstract and Ben Nicholson - OPEN Ealing

Abstract and Ben Nicholson


Wednesday 11th April 2018
10:00 am - 3:30 pm

The Orchard Cafe,
Singapore Road, W13 0EP




A workshop inspired by Ben Nicholson,

with Julie Brixey-Williams


Ben Nicholson was a British modernist painter who made abstract drawings and paintings that feature lots of squares, circles and rectangles. They are very simple and flat. He often looked at things in the real world (such as his cat Foxy) and transformed them using abstract shapes. Ben Nicholson married the artist and sculptor Barbara Hepworth. They often worked together and were inspired by each other’s art.


He painted on canvas, & later onto wooden boards. He would use a razor blade to scrape back the paint so that the pictures look weather beaten and old, as if they have been eroded by time.


While he was studying at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, Ben Nicholson discovered cubism using geometric shapes and forms to suggest objects, landscapes and people. Cubism inspired Ben Nicholson to start experimenting with new modernist ideas.



With the guidance of Julie you will learn more about Nicholson’s work and create your own abstract and cubist work






All materials are supplied and we have aprons too; but to be on the safe side, wear your artists’ clothes!






About the Tutor:

Julie Brixey-Williams is a London-based artist and member of the Royal Society of Sculptors whose work is exhibited internationally. Her work explores the two-way relationship that the body shares with space, bringing together various approaches such as collage, installation, photography, performance and drawing that aim to expose the traces and choreographic hieroglyphs created in movement. She also has a particular interest in scores, collaborative relationships and documentation.

Alongside her studio practice Julie works as a visiting lecturer,creativity coach, project assistant & workshop leader, and is particularly committed to expanding young minds through creative experimentation with the arts.



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