OPEN Ealing | Adam Shehada : Hyper Realism Artist

Adam Shehada : Hyper Realism Artist


Thursday 25th January 2018 -
Sunday 18th February 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Orchard Cafe,
singapore Road, W13 0EP

We are delighted to exhibit the works of

Adam Shehada

a self taught hyper realism pencil artist from Gaza.




About Adam

Since a very early age of 5 he has been keen on drawing, however his artistic flair has developed throughout the years. From simple sketches as a child, to manga as a teenager, and to his garden of Eden…hyper realism. Since 2014 his artistic voyage took him on a rather unexpected path of hyper realism, and since then he has been meticulously dedicating every moment he has to his special art field, always striving to challenge himself with each new drawing.

“I didn’t choose art, art chose me. Its through my drawings that I managed to isolate myself from the sounds of the wars we have to live through on a daily basis living in Gaza. My drawings allowed me to distance myself from my surroundings. My drawings allow me to tell the story of my people.”


Whilst he is here Adam will be running workshops “Path to Hyper Realism”,  for artists who want to be exponents of the medium. Details to be listed under workshops.