Art & Meditation : taster session - OPEN Ealing

Art & Meditation : taster session


Wednesday 10th October 2018
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The Orchard Cafe,
Singapore Road, W13 0EP

“Meditation is increasingly becoming a preferred tool for tapping the wellsprings of creativity…”


Join artist, Nadja Plein for a taster session and experience the benefits

Wednesday 10 October 2018

1 – 4pm



We would like to run an eight week course and will use this session to test the waters.


The class is aimed at adults and will be suitable for any level both in meditation and drawing/painting.

The beginner in meditation will receive plenty of instruction and can learn the techniques from ground up. The more experienced meditator will be able to explore meditation in a new context and widen their practice in this sense.

The beginner in art-making will receive plenty of guidelines and help and experienced art-makers can explore this different approach to art-making and refresh and broaden their practice.



Exploring the striking similarities between art-making practice and the practice of meditation, we will find out how they can actively support each other, and how each individual participant can incorporate meditation in their art practice or art in their meditation practice. We will investigate the importance of practice itself: the act of making, the act of being over the final product.


The meditation practices will be based on what is known as mindfulness meditation (a set of Buddhist meditation techniques that have been practiced for 2,500 years).


The participants will learn about a wide range of important artists from about 1960 to now, whose practice bears semblance to meditation practices, for instance Maria Lassnig, Richard Long and Yoko Ono. The artists themselves do not always acknowledge any influence from meditation techniques but they all stress the importance of the practice itself (the importance of the action of making art, sometimes over the importance of a final product). Participants will gain philosophical understanding in the importance of practice.


Using drawing, painting and collage (or any other art form participants wish to bring into this, such as writing or performance) we will make works that come from, or, are themselves forms of meditation, or, lead back into meditation.



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