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Full Rolfing Process

29 Mar Full Rolfing Process

Full Rolfing Process of 10 sessions in class, great discount, starting July 2016

If you have been interested in Rolfing and would like a process in class at a great discount, see below and be in touch with Giovanni on gravity@rolfing-yoga.com or Hayley Matthews with questions.


The British Academy of Rolfing is once again looking for people interested in undergoing the Rolfing Process in a class setting.  This is a fantastic opportunity to participate in the transformative process of the Rolfing Sessions in a skilled, creative and safe environment at very affordable prices.

You will receive the ten Rolfing sessions from a Rolfer in their third and final year of training under the supervision of a member of the institute’s faculty and an advanced Rolfer.

Rolfing is both a touch based re-aligning process and an educational process of body-work.  My experience of being involved in these class processes over the past decade is that they prove to be of great benefit.  You will find the process supportive with practical explorations leading towards a deeper friendship with your body and helping alleviate or resolve chronic conditions of discomfort and pain that you may be living with.  You may also find improved mobility and clarity in the ordinary movement of every day life and in your relationship to the world you live in.

Please pass this great offer on to others.  It will be of benefit to them, especially if they live in discomfort, and will also help us train Rolfers.

Below you will find the dates and times for the full Rolfing process of the 10 Sessions starting this July.

Your Rolfing sessions, which normally cost between £75 and £100 will be discounted to £25 per session.  You will receive ten sessions at £25 per session.

Please indicate which of the five possible tracks below (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) you can attend.  Indicate as many tracks as possible as this will help with the logistics of scheduling 25 people.

We will confirm you for only ONE track – one Rolfing Process taking place over ten sessions.

Select only tracks where you are able to attend the entire Rolfing process, all ten sessions, at the dates and times on that track.  Select as many tracks as you can.

Sessions will cost £25.
Sessions may last up to two hours.

Kailash Centre
7 Newcourt Street
London, NW8 7AA

Direction from St John’s Wood Tube:  on exiting tube turn left on Acacia Road / then right on St Anne’s Terrace / continue down – it becomes St John’s Wood Hight Street / then left on Allitsen Road / right on Bridgeman Street which curves left onto Greenberry Street / turn left onto Newcourt Street / Kailash is 50 meters ahead on your right on the corner.

See link:

Please fill out the health form below and communicate your choices to me as soon as possible by emailing me at gravity@rolfing-yoga.com

Thank you,
Giovanni Felicioni
BARSI Director
Rolf Institute Faculty

Hayley Matthews
Dancer, Dance Maker
Artistic Director Ensemble Dance Co
www.facebook.com/ensembledanceco vimeo.com/user13953881