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Impact’s “Breaking Barriers”

26 Oct Impact’s “Breaking Barriers”

Impact Theatre has applied to Aviva Community Fund and needs your support by voting for their project “Breaking Barriers”. The projects with the greatest number of votes go through to the next round so we play a really important part in helping them achieve their goals. Each person can cast up to 10 votes.

“Breaking Barriers” was a successful project which ran over 2007-2011 and saw adults with learning disabilities trained to develop and run workshops such as ‘Creative Health‘ to be taken into the community. Due to government funding cuts to their benefits and the end of funding for past projects, there are a number of adults with learning disabilities known to us who are struggling to access day opportunities. This short video tells you about the company. Details of the project follow.

Reviving the “Breaking Barriers” project now would give these learning disabled adults a chance to once again be part of a productive, active group working together to raise awareness in the community about issues which affect them, like bullying and hate crime, increasing self-esteem and independence and making healthy choices. They will also develop their leadership and presentation skills as they deliver workshops to the mainstream community and to other people with learning disabilities. The workshops help people with learning disabilities and those that support them to think about and discuss important issues in an open and constructive way. They also raise the awareness of people who have had little or no experience of disability related issues. Outcomes are: Increased self-confidence and self-esteem for people with learning disabilities as they are facilitated to lead the workshops and to serve as inspirational role models to other members of the community; improved health and an increased awareness of healthy eating choices for 400 people with learning disabilities in the community and another 600 members of the mainstream population; improved health and wellbeing of parents and carers who get valuable respite time as a result of the project. We will have a pool of up to 60 learning disabled performers who we will pull in to the various workshops according to their interests and talents. We will also deliver the workshops to different segments of the community, including children and elderly people, learning disabled, other disabled, and non-disabled people.