Islamic Geometry Workshops - OPEN Ealing

Islamic Geometry Workshops

07 Mar Islamic Geometry Workshops

COMING SOON – please email us and let us know if you want to join this course. Let us know your preferred availability too.

This  course of workshops will take you through constructing Islamic geometric patterns step by step using a compass and straight edge. 

Each week you will construct a different pattern which will then be tessellated and/or finished with a weave effect. You will explore patterns with 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 fold symmetry and how they can be tiled on a regular or semi regular underlying grid. As you gain experience and confidence with the constructions, patterns will become more complex. Time will also be spent looking at traditional colour inspirations from around the Islamic world and how these patterns can be transferred to other paper or surfaces, and  reproduced in different mediums, such as watercolour and gouache.

Our final two sessions will be dedicated to each participant producing an exhibition piece.

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About Samira Mian – workshop leader

A budding artist and experienced educator interested in  tapping in to her 12 years teaching experience to lead Islamic Geometry workshops.
Samira began studying this form if Islamic Art in September 2013 with T
he Art of Islamic Pattern. The genuinely inspirational teaching of the Adam Williamson & Richard Henry lead her to complete three 10 week courses and a field trip to Granada, Spain with them.
Samira then spent 2015 in Fez, Morocco, studying Arabic and in her spare time analysing, constructing and painting geometric patterns in the inspirational environment of the old Medina. She also went on to run a series of workshops there with the American Language Centre.
Since returning from Fez, Samira has begun running workshops more closer to home in Harrow, Kingston, Leeds and Manchester and now Ealing.

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