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09 Feb Mindful Saturday Afternoon

"Khema"means peace, security   You are warmly invited to join and enjoy a Mindful Saturday Afternoon: Saturday 17 February between 2.15 - 4.45pm   This unique event is taking place in the William Hobbayne Centre. Throughout the afternoon you'll experience the benefits of: Walking and Sitting Meditation; Finding Stillness and Letting Go...

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09 Feb Spring Glory

Join Questors Choir at their Spring Concert on 24 March 2018. Taking place in St Martin's Church Hale Gardens W3, the concert is guaranteed to lift your spirits and reflects the glory of Spring as it unfolds. Includes music by Antonio Caldini and Luigi Cherubini. You...

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29 Jan ‘Back to the Blues’

A concert of Indian contemporary music 15 March 2018, 7:30pm with Aruna Sairam and Soumik Datta   In a special performance, one of the greatest classical music voices of India, ArunaSairam collaborates with leading British Indian composer Soumik Datta to explore the connections between Carnatic and Western musical traditions....

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19 Dec Private View of El Greco to Goya

Organised by the Wallace Youth Panel, Private View of El Greco to Goya is exclusively for 14 - 18 year olds. Friday 5 January 2018 6.30 - 8.30pm   The Wallace Youth Panel have organised copious activities from music to badge making for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in...

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11 Dec P.D.P. (People Developing People)

UThink P.D.P. (People Developing People) is a charity that was created to work with and help young people who were struggling to achieve academically at school but good at art. We take over unused spaces then set up community projects and art events.   We have spaces...

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14 Nov Global Warming & Water Wars

Call for artists your vision of the future Submission: free Size, media: free Material/Medium/Technical: free Number of submissions: max 3 Deadline: January 2018 Selected works will be permanently documented online on new art web gallery Lys dOr Send your works with: artist name, email, website, social to ...

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