Mobile Movie Magic at Orchard Cafe over Half Term - OPEN Ealing

Mobile Movie Magic at Orchard Cafe over Half Term

01 Feb Mobile Movie Magic at Orchard Cafe over Half Term

Grab your phone and come to the Orchard Cafe for a scintillating 2 day workshop for teens and young adults this half term.



Up to 20 young people will benefit from the skills and expert tuition of the course leaders and gain an appreciation of the skills required in the High End TV and Film industry.


Wednesday 14 Thursday 15 February 2018

10am-4pm with a screening of the films on the second day


Did you know that the UK Film industry is one of the biggest growing industries in the UK bringing in in excess of 91.6 billion pounds per year to the UK economy? Within the High End TV and Film Industry there is a serious shortage in key Film Making and Craft Skills areas(for example: Script Writing, Script Supervision, Camera, Sound, Lighting, Sound and Post Production. Also the Technicality of Film has changed such that more and more films are using Digital Cameras like Red, Software and Apps to create, film and post produce their product. It is quite normal for voice overs to be done over an ISDN line and audition tapes for parts to be done from over the internet.


During this two day course you can expect

1) An introduction to the current climate of the UK High End TV and Film Industry, which gives you a taster of what you can expect if you join a production.

2) Information on and familiarisation with the roles that exist in High End TV and Film.

3) To learn the creative skills to visualise a career in Film/TV

4) To create a character from scratch in a group setting.

5) To build confidence through improvisation of that character without a script.

6) To build a script within an App which forms the blueprint for the shoot.

7) To create a call-sheet, storyboard, shot-list and other production paperwork.

8) To utilize more detail oriented and systemic children in much needed roles in Budgeting, Finance and Project Co-ordination.

9) To gain confidence in your creative writing skills as well as how to either perform a part in front of the camera through improvisation or following a script OR set up a small scale shoot, cast the roles and execute the filming whilst sticking to a small budget and tight time frame.

10) To achieve an amazing feeling of pride from having completed a project on time and to Brief that has your name on it and can be added to, or form the basis of your professional show-reel.

11) To feel proud and somewhat pleased of seeing your name up on a big screen in a cinema type setting.

12) To be encouraged to collaborate more, expand your creative thinking and aspire to…


So set aside Wednesday 14 Thursday 15 February 2018 and join us for a new course.


10am-4pm with a screening of the films on the second day

Cost of the two day course is 120pp with concessions (200 for a pair of bookings)

For more details and to book please visit