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The Story So Far

13 Feb The Story So Far


The W3 Gallery, Acton is looking for artists to submit work for an exhibition on the theme ‘The Story So Far’, a project funded by Arts Council, England and supported by OPEN Ealing.

‘The Story So Far’ can be interpreted in its broadest sense. This could include artwork on themes such as stories, myths, folklore and any other literary inspiration.

The artwork can be created in any medium ranging through painting, performance, video, audio, text, photography, sculpture, drawing etc.

The Deadline for submission is: 14/05/15 by 5pm

‘The Story So Far’ exhibition will be held from:1/7/15 -14/7/15

Please find the submission form on the link below

The Story So Far – Submission Form


For further information email Tanya at:


more information about the project here: