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W7 Author Donates Royalties to Charity

08 Jul W7 Author Donates Royalties to Charity

Andy Own is ex-British Army soldier who completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan whose second novel is published with a non-for-profit independent publisher in the US; The War Writer’s Campaign.  He has donated all royalties from the book to the Shoulder to Shoulder Project run by a charity called Timebank that supports veterans with PTSD and their families in the UK.

The book is available at Pitshanger Bookshop, an independent bookshop located on lovely Pitshanger Lane as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other on-line stores.

It’s another great opportunity to support local talent and enterprise.

East of Coker moves through a London and an Iraq that shadows TS Eliot’s Waste Land, asking what duty do those left behind have to those that would otherwise be forgotten and, how through acceptance of what we have done, who we are, and where we are all inevitably heading to, what happiness can be found.

The lives of Arthur, a wounded veteran of an old war, the love he left behind, an injured veteran of a new war and an Iraqi family in Basra, become intertwined as they all try in different ways to cope with the uncertainty the conflicts they have been exposed to has created. As their stories eventually collide in a hospital in London, while riots outside get closer each night, Arthur tries to free himself from the anchors of the past and ensure his new friend does not suffer like he has. As Arthur learns how to accept his fate he realises there is one more fight he must fight. He must reach the woman who has been waiting for him to return, for all these years, before time runs out. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a family try to cope with the consequences of a modern war fought on ancient soil by unwelcome intruders, threatening their way of life and traditions.