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Walks and Talks with Joanna Dudzinska

09 Jan Walks and Talks with Joanna Dudzinska

2017 sees Joanna extending her walking tours where you have an opportunity to meet new people, see new places and improve your English skills. It is a great way for people new to area to get to know the local area. If you have lived here for some time, but don’t know all the nooks and crannies – this is a fun and informative way to find places you didn’t know existed, or see how things have changed.

Ealing Broadway – Hidden Gems

When: Sunday 15 January 2017
Meeting place: outside Ealing Broadway Station at 11am
Duration: 2hrs (11am-1pm)
Highlights: during the walk you will see three town halls, the birthplace of rock, Polish landmarks, coexisting religions, art, legends, film and theatre, famous people of Ealing, picture-postcard spots, a bird’s-eye view and more…
Price: £10, children come free but your responsibility
Going? Let Joanna know
Joanna also offers individual walking and talking lessons/conversation classes that can be organised in various areas and places of London. There are two really good places to go at the moment:
How about learning English while spotting the painted stars? Would you like to improve your English fluency and correctness at a customised lesson in the settings of the National Gallery? If so, please pm me.🙂
Co powiesz na nauke angielskiego podczas szukania malowanych gwiazd? Czy masz ochote popracowac nad swoim angielskim wsrod wspanialych dziel mistrzow zgromadzonych w Galerii Narodowej? Jesli tak, skontaktuj sie ze mna na priv.
Anybody fancy an English lesson while visiting this exhibition at the British Museum? It’s a great way of improving your fluency and learning something new at the same time. Please contact me for details. Make up your mind as it ends soon.
For my Polish compatriots: Czy masz ochote na lekcje angielskiego podczas wizyty na tej wystawie?
Zapraszam! South Africa🙂