Follow up meeting to discuss an online network for central West Ealing.

Wednesday 16 March

6 – 8pm

Welshore Community Hub, 99 Broadway, W13 9BP


Light refreshments will be provided


Local online networks use the internet to provide a focus on local issues and local people. The content can be pictures, video, sound or writing. The idea is to provide an open and inclusive
resource that’s easy to use, for local people to:

  • share views and information about their area
  • find ways to influence decisions and bring about improvements
  • get connected with more people in the area, both online and face-to-face
  • discuss issues that interest them

Local online networks are independent – owned and run by residents.

Local online networks can help create better places to live.

  • They encourage neighbourliness, increase the sense of belonging and pride in an area, and encourage people to get involved.
  • People enjoy them. They like using them to swop stories and learn more about what’s going on.
  • They’re also a great way for people to get creative and learn new skills.
  • They can have a positive influence on relationships with councils and the police.
  • And they’re a powerful channel for local businesses and community groups to advertise and gain support.


If residents are happy to proceed, Local Level will work with volunteers to help get the site established with a view to it becoming self sufficient within 6-12 months. Our team will:

  • help you choose what type of network will be best for this area, and how it integrates with existing channels
  • help set up the network
  • guide you through the process of choosing, preparing and editing content
  • advise on how to publicise and develop the channel in the future.
  • We will also provide ongoing support to those running the site.